The JAE Richard Stone Prize in Applied Econometrics

The Stone Prize was established in December 1991 and is awarded biennially for the best paper with substantive econometric application that has been published in the preceding two volumes of the JAE. Survey papers, special lectures, and papers published by co-editors (jointly or singly) are excluded from consideration. The value of the Prize is $2,000.

The winners of the eleventh Richard Stone Prize in Applied Econometrics 2016, selected by the Editorial Board of the Journal of Applied Econometrics from the papers published in 2014 and 2015 (Volumes 29 and 30) are

Vasco Cúrdia
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco


Marco del Negro
Federal Reserve Bank of New York


Daniel L. Greenwald
New York University, NY

for their paper

Rare Shocks, Great Recessions

which was published in 2014 (Volume 29, Issue 7)


Previous winners of the Richard Stone Prize in Applied Econometrics are:

Professor Geert Ridder, for his paper "An Event History Approach to the Evaluation of Training, Recruitment and Employment Programmes", published in 1986 (Volume 1, Number 2)
Professor Joel Horowitz, for his paper "The Role of the List Price in Housing Markets: Theory and an Econometric Model", published in 1992 (Volume 7, Number 2)
Professors Marco Bonomo and Rene Garcia, for their paper "Can a Well-fitted Equilibrium Asset-Pricing Model Produce Mean Reversion?", published in 1994 (Volume 9, Number 1)
Professors Leslie E. Papke and Jeffrey M. Wooldridge, for their paper "Econometric Methods for Fractional Response Variables with an Application to 401(K) Plan Participation Rates", published in 1996 (Volume 11, Number 6) 
Professor Moshe Buchinsky, for his paper "The Dynamics of Changes in the Female Wage Distribution in the USA: A Quantile Regression Approach", published in 1998 (Volume 13, Number 1)
Professors Daniel McFadden and Kenneth Train, for their paper "Mixed MNL Models for Discrete Response", published in 2000 (Volume 15, Number 5)
Professors Guy Laroque and Bernard Salanié, for their paper "Labour Market Institutions and Employment in France", published in 2002 (Volume 17, Number 1)
Professors Jesús Fernández-Villaverd and Juan F. Rubio-Ramírez, for their paper "Estimating Dynamic Equilibrium Economies: Linear versus Nonlinear Likelihood", published in 2005 (Volume 20, Number 7)
Dr Katherine Ho, for her paper "The Welfare Effects of Restricted Hospital Choice in the US Medical Care Market", published in 2006 (Volume 21, Number 7)
Professor Xiaohong Chen and Professor Sydney C. Ludvigson, for their paper "Land of Addicts? An Empirical Investigation of Habit-Based Asset Pricing Models", published in 2009 (Volume 24, Number 7)
Jointly to Professors Neil Shephard and Kevin Sheppard for their paper "Realising the Future: Forecasting with High-Frequency-Based Volatility (HEAVY) Models", published in 2010 (Volume 25, Number 2); AND to Professor Julien Prat for his paper "The Rate of Learning-by-Doing: Estimates from a Search-Matching Model", published in 2010 (Volume 25, Number 6)
Professors Peter Reinhard Hansen, Zhuo Huang, and Howard Howan Shek, for their paper "Realized GARCH: A Joint Model for Returns and Realized Measures of Volatility”, published in 2012 (Volume 27, Number 6)